Report on Millenium Development Goals

Report on Millenium Development Goals: Reducing Poverty and Social Exclusion (UNDP, 2003/4)

In 2003/4 a research was undertaken by TARKI Social Research Institute in order to prepare country report for the Hungary, which assess the country’s progress towards meeting the Global Millennium Development Goals. The Hungarian Millenium Development Goals Report has as its main goal to have lasting improving effect on people's lives. Summarising the achievements so far, setting new national goals and targets has helped national authorities, civic organisations, and policy makers to find the most secure path for Hungarian sustainable human development. The report has been influential in reinforcing Government commitment to fulfil the obligations and at the same time has helped to streamline the most efficient policy steps and measures in achieving the targets set.
The MD goals have been commonly accepted as a framework for measuring development progress. The Millennium Development Goals focus the efforts of the world community on achieving significant, measurable improvements in people's lives. They establish yardsticks for measuring results, not only for developing countries. The first seven goals are mutually reinforcing and are directed at reducing poverty in all its forms.

Researchers: Márton Medgyesi, Péter Szivós
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Download Introduction to MDG Report titled: "Reducing Poverty and Social Exclusion: Hungary, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic" /authors: András Blaho, Ben Slay, Susanne Milcher, Andrey Ivanov, Dan Hanspach) (external link, pdf, 9 pages)
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