InGRID 2 (2017-2021)

As a continuation of InGRID, the objectives of the InGRID-2 are to advance the integration and innovation of distributed social sciences research infrastructures on ‘poverty, living conditions and social policies’ as well as ‘working conditions, vulnerability and labour policies’ in Europe. InGRID-2 extends transnational on-site and virtual access, organize mutual learning and discussions of innovations, and improve data services and facilities of comparative research.

Within the frame of InGRID, TÁRKI developed and launched IPOLIS –  an Integrated Poverty and Living Conditions Indicator System. The indicator database relies on the concept of quality of life and includes children, young people and the elderly. The presentation, the interpretation and the use of the data is supported by the data visualization tool. The further development of IPOLIS is supported by the second stage of the InGRID project, whereby TÁRKI is expanding IPOLIS to include other vulnerable groups as migrants and Roma.

The project is funded by the European Commission’s H2020 Programme.

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Lead researcher: András Gábos