About us

Overview of TÁRKI and the TÁRKI Group


TÁRKI has more than three decades of experience in empirical social science research in Hungary and in Europe. Its background includes research on a wide range of issues related to social stratification, labour markets, income distribution, consumption and lifestyle patterns and attitudes. Recently, TÁRKI conducts more and more comparative research for different institutions of the European Union. The results are uploaded under publications.

Our services include:

  • drafting consultancy and strategy papers
  • developing software and producing microsimulation databases (e.g. on tax/benefit reforms, or modelling election results)
  • carrying out surveys and producing research and monitoring reports (e.g. on savings, inflation expectations, business forecasts, social trends, etc.)
  • carrying out political and general opinion polls on a wide variety of issues
  • providing business-cycle research reports based on surveys of companies

The Survey Unit of TÁRKI carries out several surveys a year on both national and local level with its nationwide interviewer network. It regularly analyzes the conditions, decisions, consumptions of the population, households, municipalities and companies.

The TÁRKI Data Archive is the national digital social research archive for Hungary. It collects, stores and publishes a great number of surveys for the social science and business communities nationally and internationally.

TÁRKI is a member of various international research networks and consortia, including the IFDO, CESSDA, ICPSR, ISSP, ESS, LIS and ECPR, and we have contributed to a great number of international research efforts. Recently, TÁRKI, together with IVVM (former CVVM, Prague), CBOS (Warsaw) and PMCG (Brussels), founded the Central European Opinion Research Group (CEORG) to carry out joint, harmonised monthly omnibus surveys in the various countries.

TÁRKI regularly publishes research reports in the form of working papers and summary books. The papers published in the Social Report series, launched in 1990 and since then published every other year, analyse the most significant social and economic trends of the Hungarian society. The 1990, 1998 and 2004 editions are available in Hungarian and English and the 2019 Hungarian Social Report is available in English. Click here for more.

TÁRKI's annual, cross-sectional survey (Household Monitor) has been going since 1998. Volumes in the series entitled TÁRKI Monitor Reports (TÁRKI Monitor Jelentések) appear regularly. Click here for more.

The series entitled Changing Roles (Szerepváltozások) presented the social and economic status of Hungarian women and men since the end of the 1990s until 2011. This thematic publication was published every two years. The 2005 edition is available in English and Hungarian. Click here for more.


The group consists of

TÁRKI Social Research Institute is an applied social research centre that engages in policy studies in areas of health, social policy, the information society, labour market, minorities and discrimination for national and international public institutions, research centers and companies. Its Survey Unit is capable of conducting nationwide surveys either in person, by telephone, by mail or online. With the collaboration of our regional partners, TÁRKI is regularly involved in Central European survey research projects, including market and opinion research.

TÁRKI Foundation was established in 1990, since then it has been supporting social research education, research and development. It manages the Data Archive as well which is the largest social science data archive in Hungary. It is offers free data access for university students and researchers. Its sponsors are business companies.

Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research Co. was established in 2007. Its main activities include macroeconomic and international analysis and forecasts, statistical-methodological innovations and evaluations. It is the subsidiary company of TÁRKI Social Research Institute.