World Bank Poverty Assessment (1998-2001)

TÁRKI produced a background study for the 1998 World Bank Poverty Assessment review of Hungary. The paper was part of a project that had three different elements. First, a new release of all the completed waves of the Hungarian Panel Study was prepared and, after it was supplemented by a new, comprehensive weighting system, this was handed over to the World Bank research team as the empirical foundation for their research. Second, a comprehensive overview was drawn up of longitudinal poverty trends in Hungary. That paper covered the most important issues of the dynamics of poverty and inequality in Hungary during the transition years. Third, TÁRKI carried out a cross-sectional survey of incomes and the labour-market position of Hungarian households in 1998. Under the contract, the dataset was released to the WB research team for its poverty assessment study. Data provision and analysis were provided to the Bank on a consultancy basis. The poverty assessment study for the World Bank was completed in 2001. TÁRKI produced background papers for the final report and provided the main source of data, which was Hungarian Household Panel survey. The World Bank team lead by Jeanine Braithwaite worked in close co-operation with our experts, István Tóth, Péter Szivós and Zoltán Fábián. 

Download the research report Hungary Long-Term Poverty, Social Protection, and the Labour Market. Report No. 20645-HU here.

Lead researchers: István György Tóth, Péter Szivós