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Professor Wiemer Salverda
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Wiemer Salverda


Professor Wiemer Salverda is a macroeconomic political economist of labour studies with a strong interest in the long-run evolution of the dimensions of age, education, gender, households, pay, and occupation in the labour market. He holds a special chair on Labour Market and Inequality at the Amsterdam Center for Inequality Studies AMCIS and is a Director emeritus of the interdisciplinary Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies AIAS, both of the University of Amsterdam.
He coordinated the international-country EU-funded research project Growing Inequalities’ Impacts GINI (2010–2013) that charted the social and political impacts of inequalities; Oxford UP published the results as Salverda et al. and Nolan et al.. Previously he coordinated the successful European Low-wage Employment Research Network LoWER from inception to expiry (1995–2008; funded by EU Framework Programmes 4, 5, and 6). The network has published 16 books, special journal issues and reports, and the Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality with the world’s top-ranking scholars considering many important angles. He chaired the Governing Council of the EQUALSOC Network of Excellence (2005-2010), and coordinated, e.g., the Demand Patterns and Employment Growth (FP5) research project, which published its result at Princeton UP (Gregory et al. 2007), including important contributions by Fuchs, Baumol, and Gordon. He was an active joint coordinator of the Low-wage Work in Europe project of the Russell Sage Foundation, New York, led by Nobel Laureate Robert Solow. He has taken part in various EU Expert Working Groups and acted as a Conference Rapporteur for the EU/OECD. He advised the OECD on wage inequality in the Netherlands, the British Low Pay Commission, and several ILO/EU Expert Working Groups, on the Minimum wage, Effects of the crisis, and Public-sector adjustment in the Financial Crisis.
He has a long-standing interest in the youth labour market, running from his 1992 thesis Youth unemployment: Dynamics of the Dutch Labour Market 1955-1988, via journal articles and advice on the OECD reports Jobs for Youth and Jobs for Immigrants (closely connected subjects), to recent conference contributions for ItaliaLavoro/OECD in Rome and Dutch government ministries in The Hague. He contributed parts of the OECD’s Older Workers report for the Netherlands.
More detail about these and other research interests, activities and contributions can be found below and at http://www.uva-aias.net/cpages/staff/2008.


Selected recent publications

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