Villa Vigoni 2011

Social Reporting in Europe 2011: “Measuring and Monitoring Social Progress in European Societies – Is Life Still Getting Better?”


Villa Vigoni Conference, March 9-11, 2011

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Wednesday, March 9

Afternoon   Arrival of participants  
19:00   Dinner and Welcome by the Secretary General of Villa Vigoni, Prof. Gregor Vogt-Spira  

Thursday, Morning, March 10

9:15-9:30 Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS, Mannheim), Carla Collicelli (CENSIS, Rome), Bartek Lessear (EU-Commission, Brussels) Welcome and Opening of the Conference  
  Session I: The Meaning of Social Progress in European Societies Today (Chair: Heinz-Herbert Noll, GESIS, Mannheim)
9:30-11:00 Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS, Mannheim) Introduction – Measuring and Monitoring Social Progress presentation
Claus Offe (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin) Keynote Lecture: What, if Anything, Might We Mean by ‘Progressive’ Politics Today? paper(113 KB)
Jürgen Kohl (Universität Heidelberg) Discussant paper(181 KB)
11:00–11:30   Coffee Break  
  Session II: Current Concepts and Approaches of Measuring and Monitoring Social Progress (Chair: Carla Collicelli, CENSIS, Rome)
11:30-12:45 Bartek Lessaer (European Commission, Brussels) Measuring and Monitoring the Progress of Societies by the European Commission – Current Programs and Projects  
Romina Boarini (OECD, Paris) Measuring and Monitoring Progress: The OECD ‘Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies’ and Results from the ‘Stiglitz - Commission’ presentation
Tadas Leoncikas (European Foundation, Dublin) The Measurement of the Quality of Society as Part of Monitoring Social Progress presentation
13:00   Lunch  

Thursday, Afternoon, March 10

  Session II continued
14:15-14:45 Stefan Bergheim (Zentrum für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt, Frankfurt) Measuring and Comparing Progress – A New Index presentation
  Session III: Directions and Meanings of Current Developments in European Societies (Chair: Heinz-Herbert Noll, GESIS, Mannheim)
14:45-16:15 Joakim Palme (University of Uppsala) Progress? – Recent Social Developments in Sweden  
Anne Foulger (ONS, Newport) Progress? – Recent Social Developments in the UK presentation(818 KB)
Rob Bijl (SCP, Den Haag) Social Progress in the Netherlands: A Battle of the Generations or Intergenerational Solidarity? presentation
Stefan Weick, Heinz-Herbert Noll (GESIS, Mannheim) Progress, Regress, Stagnancy? Changes in Living Conditions and Subjective Well-Being in Germany. presentation(646 KB)
16:15–16:45   Coffee Break  
  Session III continued
16:45–18:45 Peter Farago, Felix Bühlmann (FORS, Lausanne) Social Progress? – Evidence From the Swiss Social Report 2012 presentation
Carla Collicelli (Censis, Rome) Formal and Informal in the Italian Welfare Mix: Progress, Resistence or Simply Tradition? presentation(6.7 MB)
Carlos Pereda (Colectivo Ioé, Madrid) An Assessment of the Quality of Life Following the Crisis in Spain paper / presentation
Stella Golinowska (Jagiellonian University, Kraków) Progress? Recent Social Developments in Poland presentation(655 KB)
Robert Gal (Tarki, Budapest) Generational Effects of Social Progress – the Case of Hungary presentation(275 KB)
Robert Anderson (European Foundation, Dublin) The Direction of Current Social Developments in Europe – Results from the European Quality of Life Surveys presentation(1.5 MB)
19:30   Dinner  

Friday, Morning, March 11

  Session IV: Social Progress as Subject of Social Reporting and Social Monitoring (Chair: Bartek Lessear, European Commission, Brussels)
09:30–10:45 Danuta Biterman (The National Board of Health and Welfare, Stockholm) ‘Social Report 2010′ – The National Report on Social Conditions in Sweden presentation
Simon Chapple (OECD, Paris) Society at a Glance 2011 – Measuring Progress in OECD Countries presentation(1.0 MB)
Donato Speroni (Istituto per la Formazione al Giornalismo, Urbino) Problems in Going Beyond GDP – Communicating Dashboards and Indicators to Measure Progress presentation
10:45–11:15   Coffee Break  
11:15-12:30   Planning Future Collaboration (Chair: Carla Collicelli)  
13:00   Lunch and Departure