Tárki ranks high again in the 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report

Tárki appears on seven lists of the annual report published by the University of Pennsylvania. In almost every category Tárki appears was ranked higher than last year. 

  • Tárki is ranked 5th in Central and Eastern Europe and 48th in the world in the list of Top Social Policy Think Tanks, 
  • ranked 46th in the list of Best For-Profit Think Tanks, as the only organization from Central and Eastern Europe, 
  • ranked 59th on the list of Best Independent Think Tanks, third among those listed from the CEE region.

Thanks to Kopint-Tárki Institute for Economic Research Co. (a member of the Tárki Group), we also appear in listing for economic research as: 

  • Tárki is ranked 73rd in the list of Top Domestic Economic Policy Think Tanks as the only Hungarian organization, 
  • ranked 77th among last year's Top International Economics Policy Think Tanks. We were ranked 79th last year. 

Our organization is ranked 127th in the Top International Development Think Tanks, two positions higher than last year. In the list of Central and Eastern European organizations, Tárki is ranked 40th. We are proud of being reputed as producers of high-quality reports.   
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