TÁRKI'S study on the political values of Hungarian society

Tárki Zrt., with the support of the Polgár Foundation for Opportunities, conducted a research on the political value structure of Hungarian society entitled "The Demand for Freedom, Security and Fair Social Policy in Hungary", the findings of which were summarized in a study. Its focus is on the demand for politics. TÁRKI did not investigate party preferences, but rather the basic dimensions and demands that can be used to map the political value landscape of Hungarian society, which provides a framework for the construction of political alternatives. We summarised i) what segments of the political value structure of the Hungarian society can be identified, ii.) what each social group expects from democracy and the public policy decision-making mechanism in general, iii) how they judge the functioning of democratic institutions as "good" or "not good", and iv) the importance of the dimensions of freedom and security, materialism and idealism, globalism and localism, present and future, productivity and environmental protection, and which segments of these dimensions can be identified among the Hungarian population. To discuss the results with experts, the study was presented at a workshop conference on 30 November 2023. 

The study and the executive summary are available on the research website.