TÁRKI Household Monitor Survey (1998- biennial, ongoing)

In terms of its research topics, the Household Monitor is a continuation of the Hungarian Household Panel, but without its longitudinal aspect. Its purpose is to provide a reliable assessment of the changes in the stratification of society and in social inequality. The survey is focused primarily on issues concerning the labour market and income, consumer attitudes, savings, economic expectations and economic behaviour, though changing social relations are also included among the topics of the survey. The survey is supported by several government and state institutions, as well as by private institutions through research commissions. Encompassing up to 2,000 households, the survey is normally conducted in late spring, and each year a volume containing the results is published and made available to the general public. Household Monitor data are widely used by international organisations, as well as by the Hungarian government to survey the level of poverty and inequality in Hungarian society.

The reports are available in Hungarian here