Péter Szivós

Péter Szivós
managing director

E-mail: szivos@tarki.hu
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Szivós Péter


Peter is senior researcher and managing director of TÁRKI Social Research Institute, Budapest. He has extensive work experience in social research and policy evaluation. He has been involved in numerous projects, international and domestic, with the primary aim of analysing income distribution, poverty and social exclusion in order to gain better understanding of social processes and provide feedback for policy formulation. He has been contributed to FP7 projects like; ‘GINI’ on inequality, ‘Improve’ on poverty and reference budget with his experiences, and to ‘EuromodUpdate2’ project as national team leader. He is also skilled in coordinating information-gathering in multi-country projects. Since 2016 he has supervised TÁRKI’s data collection Unit. Péter obtained his Dr. Univ. in 1987 at the Budapest University of Economics. His native language is Hungarian and he has a good command of English.