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Iván Szelényi
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Szelényi Iván


Iván Szelényi is William Graham Sumner Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Political Science, Yale University; Max Weber Professor of Social Sciences and Foundation Dean of Social Sciences at NYU Abu Dhabi. He is a Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and an ordinary member of the Hungarian National Academy of Sciences. He holds honorary degrees from Corvinus University, Budapest, Flinders University of South Australia, Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet, Erlangen-Nürnberg, European University Institute, Florence and the Central European University, Budapest. He is former President of the Hungarian Sociological Association and former Vice-President of the American Sociological Association. He is recipient of the Luckmann Distinguished Teaching award from UCLA and the Széchenyi Prize, granted by the President of the Hungarian Republic. He is author/co-author of The Intellectuals on the Road the Class Power (1979), Urban Inequalities under State Socialism (1983), Socialist Entrepreneurs (1988), Making Capitalism without Capitalists (1998) and Patterns of Exclusion (2006).

Selected Publications

Authored books

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New articles (2016-2022)

Moral Panic against Globalization, International Political Anthropology, 2022. Vol. 15. No. 1. 63-80, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6774446

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Iván Szelényi and Péter Mihályi:
Market transition and beyond Paper presented at the conference
commemorating the 40th anniversary of launching the Chinese reforms
and the 30th anniversary of the publication of the path-breaking paper
by Victor Nee "Market transition theory". 

Beijing, August 27-28, 2019