New publication of TÁRKI staff in the Journal of European Social Policy

TÁRKI's colleagues': András Gábos, Barbara Binder, Réka Branyiczki and István György Tóth published a joint paper which is now available online in the Journal of European Social Policy. In this article, they show that using a floating poverty threshold considerably underestimates the strength of the relationships between poverty, employment and social transfers.

They analysed how the rise in employment have transformed into poverty reduction in Europe. They described the factors that explain the level and changes in the relative poverty rates, both within and across countries.

Authors identified four mechanisms that are responsible for the blurred relationship between employment and poverty despite the strong negative correlation between them. These are (i) the distribution of employment across households with different levels of work intensity, (ii) the expansion of non-standard work, (iii) the change in the effectiveness of social welfare systems, and (iv) the change in median income.

Congratulations for the publication.