Márton Medgyesi

Márton Medgyesi
senior researcher
medgyesi at tarki dot hu
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Medgyesi Márton


Marton Medgyesi is senior researcher at TARKI. He holds an MSc in Applied Economics from SciencesPo Paris and a PhD in Sociology from Corvinus University in Budapest. His main research interests are income distribution, intergenerational transfers in the family and the welfare state and attitudes (eg. inequality tolerance, trust). He has has been leader of projects such as „Dynamics of institutional trust in 21st century” (Eurofound), „Gender inequality of intergenerational support” (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) and „Study on conditional cash transfers and their impact on children” (European Commission). He has also been involved in a number of other international projects at TARKI, including the GINI (EU FP7), STYLE (EU FP7), Social Situation Monitor (European Commission). Marton also regularly lectures on social inequality at the Corvinus University.