Key Inclusive Development Strategies for LifeLongLearning KIDS4ALLL (2021-2024)

KIDS4ALLL aims to implement a pilot action that will experiment with a learning method and learning environment in formal non-formal and informal educational contexts to address the integration challenges of children of minority groups. 
The KIDS4ALLL learning method draws on knowledge acquisition, skills training and attitude transfer to convey lifelong learning competencies as a whole within a collaborative and co-creative learning process. As a response to the educational needs of children, in particular of migrant and Roma children, and of educators as pathfinders for continuous lifelong and life-wide learning, the project is grounded on three Key Inclusive Development Strategies towards LifeLongLearning, which represent the specific objectives of the project: 
1) Fostering acquisition, maintenance and cultivation of competencies related to the 8 LLL key areas
2) Enhancing the methodological competencies of educators towards inclusive participatory teaching, training and intercultural dialogue; 
3) Testing the concept of peer-to-peer learning in the form of buddyship collaboration (guided pairing of learners) with the lifelong and life-wide dimensions of learning. 
The learning method will be corroborated by the online and offline instruments that represent the KIDS4ALLL learning environment. 
The KIDS4ALLL project team envisages implementation of the pilot action in formal, non-formal and informal institutions in 9 countries (3 of which non-EU), and reaching approximately 1000 members of the principal target groups. 
The impact of KIDS4ALLL will be brought about through the combined expertise of the consortium members, including academic institutions, civil society organizations and policymakers from 8 EU countries and 3 non-EU countries, and an International Advisory Board that covers six additional countries in Europe and beyond. 

The project is coordinated by Universita Degli Studi di Torino. 

Tárki’s implementation partner is Motivation Association, which runs two after-school education facilities in Szeged and Balástya to support the development of disadvantaged and Roma children.