Hegedűs Péter

databank coordinator

peter.hegedus at tarki dot hu
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Hegedűs Péter


Peter Hegedűs is the coordinator of the Tárki Databank. He is responsible for developing the Databank, archiving the databases, and keeping in touch with the partners of the Databank. Between 2015 and 2017 he worked on the 'Strengthening and widening the European Infrastructure for Social Science Data Archives' (CESSDA-SaW) project, in which he analyzed the situation of the European social science databases and strengthen the cooperation between them. Now he helps young researchers and PhD students arriving to Tárki from all over Europe within the 'Integrating Research Infrastructure for European expertise on Inclusive Growth from data to policy' (InGRID-2) project. He moreover takes part in the Hungarian development of the tax-benefit microsimulation model for the European Union. His research areas are: second-level analysis of databases, poverty and social inequality.