GINI - Growing Inequalities' Impacts (2010-2013)

TÁRKI participated in a major inequality research in Europe: GINI - Growing Inequalities' Impacts (FP7, DG Research, Contract no. SSH-CT-2010-244592). The core objective of GINI was to deliver what are the social, cultural and political impacts that increasing inequalities in income, wealth and education may have? For the answers, GINI combined an interdisciplinary analysis that draws on economics, sociology, political science and health studies, with improved methodologies, uniform measurement, wide country coverage, a clear policy dimension and broad dissemination. The project operated in a framework of policy-oriented debate and international comparisons across all EU countries (except Cyprus and Malta), the USA, Japan, Canada and Australia.

In the project TÁRKI coordinated the working group for the Political and Cultural Impacts (coordinators: Herman van de Werfhorst and István György Tóth). The working group studied the impacts of inequalities in education and income/wealth on political and cultural outcomes. Addressed topics by this research group were: (1) understand the impact of changing educational and income/wealth inequalities on various forms of political and social participation; (2) understanding the relationship between changes in inequality and legitimacy, and (3) examine the impact of inequality and values studied under (1) and (2) on macroeconomic performance.

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Partner Institutes in the project besides TÁRKI

Lectures and presentations

Date and place The name of the event First author Coauthors Title of product More
19-20 March, 2010, London Kick-off conference István György Tóth Márton Medgyesi, Tamás Keller Income inequality measured and perceived: European comparisons
19-20 March, 2010, London Kick-off conference András Gábos   Successful policy mixes to tackle the impact of rising inequality on children - an EU-wide comparison  
22. October 2010, Amsterdam Methods and Measurement Workshop István György Tóth   Effects of the crisis on the income distribution in Hungary (some initial results)
22. October 2010, Amsterdam CoCoCo Meeting István György Tóth   Food for thoughts on prepaing the country reports in Gini  
23-24. March, 2012, Budapest Mid-Term Conference Herman Van der Werfhorst István György Tóth,
Dániel Horn,
Márton Medgyesi,
Natascha Notten,
Christina Haas,
Brian Burgoon
Political and cultural impacts of growing inequalities