Barriers to Roma Employment (UNDP, 2005)

TÁRKI was the UNDP's Hungarian partner for its 2005 project entitled Barriers to Employment Policy Analysis. This policy-oriented research set out to identify the existing barriers to employment facing Roma, and to suggest possible short- and medium-term steps to increase the employability of Roma, relative to other groups. The same research was carried out in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As part of the project we: (1) held several roundtable meetings at regional and national level with the various groups involved, to gather their opinions and suggestions on how to increase employment opportunities; (2) conducted desk research on the social, economic and legal determinants and the barriers of the labour market, from the perspective of the Roma and other vulnerable and unemployed groups; (3) drew up policy recommendations and an implementation package on employment promotion for the vulnerable groups; and (4) developed proposals for possible future projects, targeting the major areas identified in order to test the policy recommendations.