Adequacy of Old-Age Income Maintenance in the EU (AIM) (2005-2008)

AIM was a 6th Framework Specific Targeted Research Project of the European Network of Policy Research Institutes (ENEPRI) coordinated by Jorgen Mortensen (CEPS). 

The project had two main scientific objectives: 

First, the work programme included an important research component addressing the methodology of analysis of pension schemes and pension reforms. This objective was achieved in two ways: (i) by undertaking model simulations in common and in a coordinated framework within a single work package and (ii) by undertaking a systematic examination of the simulation properties of simulation models including also models in application outside the Consortium.

Second, the project applied these analytical tools to examine the concept of "adequacy" and conducted research on the impact on the adequacy of pensions of parametric reforms proposed in certain general plans to ensure sustainability of pension systems. In general, the research on adequacy assumed sustainability and analyzed the consequences for the adequacy objectives. 

TÁRKI's partners in the project:

Centre for European Policy Studies, CEPS, Belgium, coordinator
Federal Planning Bureau, FPB, Belgium
Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (German Institute for Economic Research), DIW, Germany
Elinkeinoelämän tutkimuslaitos (The Research Institute of The Finnish Economy), ETLA, Finland
Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada, FEDEA, Spain
Social and Cultural Planning Office, SCP, Netherlands
Istituto di Studi e Analisi Economica (Institute for Studies and Economic Analysis), ISAE, Italy
National Institute for Economic and Social Research, NIESR, United Kingdom
Centrum Analiz Spolleczno-Ekonomicznych (Center for Social and Economic Research), CASE, Poland
Centre for Research on Pensions and Welfare Policies, CeRP, Italy
Institut za ekonomska raziskovanja (Institute for economic research), IER, Slovenia
Institute of Slovak and World Economy, ISWE, Slovak Republic

TÁRKI's contributions to the project:

Janky, B. (2005): Empirical Foundations for Political Economy Models of Intergenerational Redistribution: A Survey. Manuscript.
Janky, B. and Gal, R.I. (2006): Public Opinion on Pension Systems in Europe. Manuscript.

Lead researchers: Róbert Gál, Béla Janky, András Simonovits